Tuesday, 1 May 2001

Now what?

So, here I am. Ruth's flat in the west end of Glasgow, lying on the futon, staring at the crack in the ceiling that's bothered me since I first saw it.

It is May 1st. I am, as of today, both unemployed (through choice, turning down a contract extension) and self-employed (also through choice, and I have some work bubbling away).

On the upside: I don't have to commute. I don't have to go in to work in a place which, for whatever reasons, has a bit of a toxic atmosphere. I don't have to do some specific work things which are disquietening. I don't have to play (or refuse to play) office politics.

On the downside: The University of Strathclyde will not be depositing a nice slice of cash into my bank account every month. I have to make my own pension contributions. No more international travel paid for out of project budgets. Everything is, literally, on me now.

I should ... get up and make coffee and shower and visit a nice deli. Yes! First day of being my own man, and I have a plan.

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