Thursday, 24 November 2005

A bit of white stuff

After the sunny weather of last week and weekend, the weather forecasts have been getting steadily ominous. For tomorrow and friday, the met office currently say:

Frequent showers in the north with snow to low levels. Strong northwesterly winds and blizzards on mountains. Maximum temperature 4 deg C (39 deg F).

Outlook for Friday
Gale force northerlies and wintry showers gradually turning to rain.

The problem with these forecasts is that the "region" they cover is a huge chunk of Scotland, from Barra to the Orkney islands. Weather forecasts like these tend to be a bit general.

Still, on the upside, it may mean that I finally get some pictures of Berneray in the snow. On the downside, it doesn't look good for the Friday visit of the mobile bank...

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