Saturday, 26 November 2005

Creeping towards Broadband

On the radio a few weeks ago, it was quoted that "99.63% of the UK population have access to Broadband". Guess who live in the remaining 0.37% percent...

Thus is the trade-off for living in a genuinely remote place. Here, we are going to get the Connected Communities (CC) broadband service. BT converted some of the exchanges in the  Outer Hebrides - namely the ones with the largest number of lines - but left the smaller exchanges alone.

CC will be a wireless broadband service that uses a diamond-shaped dish on the side of your house and a number of relays. All of the hospitals and schools are signed up, and have 6Mb Broadband access through it. Homes, when they get it, have a range of packages. These start at 19.99 for a 1Mb package, which CC have cheekily described in their e-spam today as "attractive". How this is "attractive" when most other people in the UK can get 8Mb, free calls, and a bundle of other goodies for 15 quid a month is beyond me.

Anyway, they've been talking about it for nigh on three years; when they started, it was "state of the art". Now it's about a generation behind contemporary mainland broadband. Maybe it'll be good/reliable. The latest is that from December 7th we can sign up through the website at, following which we'll be given a date for installation.

Watch this space...

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