Thursday, 22 December 2005

Flickr: review

I submitted images to Flickr for the first time today. Flickr is an image-sharing system where you can upload and "tag" images. People can then search or browse across images in a number of ways.

I liked it. Flickr doesn't seem to do anything revolutionary that hasn't been done elsewhere - it's popularity, I suspect, is due to simplicity. Creating an account is done largely through Yahoo. Once that's done, you use a standard browse system to find images and upload them. Add the tags and optional descriptions, and, well, that's it.

The quality of the final images seems acceptable, with some compression happening; you can view pictures in a range of sizes. The "cool", friendly and laid-back style of writing, in the support and instructions, does get a bit grating after a while. The other annoying thing is the lack of a progress bar, which would be useful when batch-uploading images.

There does appear to be lots of value-added functions and options, some of which are free and some of which you'd need a paid-for pro account. I did like the way I could link my Typepad blog and Flickr to make it easier to embed pictures from the latter into entries of the former. There's also an area where independent developers can provide Flickr-compatible applications that you can use your image collection in (how very Web 2.0!).

This morning, I took five pictures in and around the mobile library van that visits us every three weeks. Not the best pictures I've taken, but the van does rock in the wind and it was pelting down at the time. Here are the pictures:

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