Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Happy Ariadne Day!

LaGrange library

The second digital information service anniversary of the week. After Sunday's 5th anniversary of Wikipedia, today sees the 10th anniversary of the slightly less well-known Ariadne.

This is a kind of electronic journal for the library and information sciences. I had the fun of being the creator of the web version at UKOLN, and the editor for the first 10 issues before I left to work at the hippy colony otherwise known as the ILRT.

The first three issues look particularly awful, but the change of style after that was a big improvement. Wish I'd retroconverted those early issues to the better style, but whatever. All a long time ago now, though it was possibly the most enjoyable thing I've done in salaried employment; everything webbie was new and exciting.

It was also a brilliant method of building up a contact base, and it's been interesting, this last evening, to see what happened to the authors of articles in the first few editions.

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