Saturday, 14 January 2006

Rain, sun, rain, sun; repeat...

The last two days has seen constantly changing weather sweeping over us. Rain shower is followed by sun followed by heavy rain, then bright sun. And so forth.

Yesterday afternoon was a case in point. Mid-afternoon, the rain suddenly became worse, and for 30 minutes or so we encountered white-out conditions. The wind picked up, sea and sky merged into one, and the spindrift swirled off the tops of waves, over the harbour walls. It made for entertaining viewing from our kitchen (which is basically a sea viewing gallery), and the excuse for another cup of tea.

Then it all blew over; bright skies and no wind. A stroll to our local shop was rewarded with a spectacular sunset, the south-western sky a myriad of red, purples and oranges. Wish I'd had my camera with me.

And that's part of the fun of living here. Don't like the weather? Put the kettle on, have another cup of tea, and it'll probably change by the time you've drained your mug.

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