Saturday, 11 February 2006

Bad weather at last

The peat fire was still a-roaring at midnight last night, so did my occasional treat and slept in front of it (our futon/sofa being dead handy for this kind of thing). Big fire (26 degrees according to our Ardmaree Stores thermometer/clock thing), a box of wine (it was cheap), and a large supply of as yet unwatched Japanese and Korean horror films.

Fell asleep in the early hours, to be awoken several times by rain. Hard rain. The kind of rain that makes you think that someone is throwing buckets of pebbles at your window.

This morning, wake up, and everything is bright and sparkly in the damp. The sun has just come out, changing the colours of the sea outside from an emerald green to a lighter, sand-just-under-the-water colour.

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