Saturday, 4 February 2006

Broadband: one week on

It's been a fun few days here in An-Caladh, as the first full week of having broadband has now passed. During that time we've done a heck of a lot of things that we wouldn't have considered, or only done very reluctantly, on dial-up:

  1. Updated all our virus and security software and added some new stuff.

  2. Updated all our media players and viewers (Adobe reader to version 7, Windows Media Player, Real time player, Quicktime player). One of these was a 20Mb download, which took all of 3 minutes on broadband.

  3. Watched some live TV news from various stations around the world. Nice to get a local perspective on the latest oil tanker to run aground on Alaska.

  4. Had a look at a lot more shops that offer online shopping. We are very experienced at doing online shopping, as:
    - we don't drive
    - we work from home, so one of us is in for deliveries
    - on principle, it helps to keep the local postal delivery service viable
    - carefully shopping around can keep costs for various items down
    - going all the way to Inverness and Glasgow and hauling shopping back, in terms of time and faffing about, strikes me as utter madness when Effie the postie or the friendly D.R.MacLeod man can drop it in to our house.
    - the cardboard packaging goes to lay the next days fire

  5. However, many online shops are so slow as to be almost unusable on dial-up (I hope Boots the Chemists are reading and take note), and we'd settled on a small number of familiar and well-designed sites that are quick to load. Now we have broadband, we've started to go back and try some of the more cumbersome online shops.

  6. Watched various clips from the Scottish Screen Archive.

  7. Gone back to Robin Wilson's website and worked our way through the various quicktime movies he has of the Outer Hebrides. He's got a cracking one (with stereo sound) of the west beach of Berneray. Oh, and another cracking one of the same beach and the machair. I still can't believe I actually live just a short and pleasant walk from those!

But the highlight of the week has been Google Earth, which is utterly addictive. More of that in my next entry...

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