Monday, 6 February 2006

Raining on my broadband

Got up to find a strange and unusual sight out of my window.


It's been so long since we'd had any - at least during the daytime - I'd forgotten what it looked like. It's not heavy, and the winds still haven't picked up (another record; we haven't had a good gust of wind for at least 12 days now), but it's rain never the less.

This also means that our broadband aerial et al works when wet. Which is good. We still have the intermittent "red bar" problem, but after a few phone calls (in both directions) last week, it looks like someone will be coming out to hopefully fix it once and for all this week. Apparently there are a lot of installations planned for the next week in North Uist and around, which is good - the more the merrier.

Here on Berneray itself, there's more people than we reckoned either ordering it, or seriously thinking of getting it. Our near-neighbours (who had it installed the day before us) have now got a wireless system working, running several PCs and a PSP (Sony handheld game console) through their broadband connection. Which is cool.

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