Monday, 13 February 2006

Travel: not so exhorbitant

Some good news for residents of the Outer Hebrides. Soon - hopefully - we'll no longer be fleeced like a sheep on Borve Hill for flying back to the mainland.

According to a BBC news story today, air fares to the mainland for residents will be subsidised by 40%. Hopefully this will go through, and there won't be any restrictive terms and conditions. At the moment, air fares start at a reasonable price, and finish at a ridiculous price of over 300 quid for a return to Glasgow (a trip that takes 40 minutes on each leg). Last year I went from Berneray to San Fransisco; it cost me more to get to Glasgow, than it did from Glasgow to California. Madness.

I am wondering how people will be asked to "prove" residency; that part could be interesting. We know some nice people who run a (very good) hotel not far from here that offers a discount for residents of the Outer Hebrides. They frequently get requests for the discount from people who moved off the islands decades ago, or have a third cousin or some other distant relative "somewhere on Lewis".

As a side point, it's a bit of a cheek for VisitScotland to complain that it doesn't apply to tourists, considering their miserly amount of publicity for the Outer Hebrides. The proportion of content on their website is pathetic, badly written, and with basic primary school level mistakes.

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  1. I've got a meeting in Inverness at the end of March. I looked at flying, and the ticket (just me, a tiny wee flight) was over £200.I'm taking the bus.