Sunday, 9 April 2006

Sunday ferry across the Sound of Harris


I travelled on the first of today's three sailings. This was the controversial first (scheduled) crossing of a passenger ferry on a Sunday, from Berneray to Leverburgh in Harris.

Note the poster in the window of the waiting room at Ardmaree ferry pier, Berneray. 

There is a set of a dozen or so pictures of this in my Flickr account.

Still not sure if I'll blog about this issue. It is quite complex, and it's best either to do it in detail or not at all. How the media will report it tomorrow will be of especial interest. And heck, judging from the number of journalists on the ferry, there will be a lot of reporting.

Note to the media. Berneray is NOT in North Uist; these are both distinct islands. It is connected to North Uist by a causeway.

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  1. What's 'complex' about it? I find it bizarre that anyone whould find this in any way 'complex'. What is also bizarre is that I cannot buy wine in a supermarket in Scotland before midday - but it's better than when it was simply forbidden all day on Sunday, which was truly bizarre.Hope you didn't get seasick ;)