Sunday, 7 May 2006



Idly looking out of my office window to see a bundle of balloons on a rock in the middle of Bays Loch (the natural harbour on the east coast of Berneray).

Odd. Are the seals who are the sole frequenters of those rocks having a party?

James Ross (a local resident who provides me with a steady stream of imaginatively broken IT equipment to test my repair skills) thinks this may be connected with a wedding a few days ago. Said wedding took place on the other side of the Sound of Harris. Which would have been an impressive weekend drift for the assorted balloons.

News update...


A few minutes later, Angus and someone else (locals: who?) appear, rowing/steering a boat towards the balloons, now beached on a rock closer to the Post Office.

No doubt, a danger to shipping in the Sound of Harris. Or at least, a slight inconvenience to the odd seal.

The balloons are released, to float away in the general direction of Pabbay and Harris.

And that's our daily allocation of excitement.

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