Sunday, 28 May 2006

One step forward, two steps back

I previously mentioned the air fare discount scheme. No cards or pin numbers for us so far, but an email response from the organisers that ours is being processed. Hurrah. One step forward.

But. Unfortunately, we aren't going to have fabulously cheap flights. SWMBO has just booked a return to Glasgow at around a hundred quid, and worked out that under the scheme she'd get about 12 pounds off. The Stornoway Gazette has printed a catalogue of problems with the system; surprising that there are so many, as there are so few eligible people. The Stornoway Chat forum picks up on a few people who have had no card / two cards / card with the wrong name on it, and so forth.

The other step back is the withdrawal of the BMI flight between Stornoway and Edinburgh in a few months time, due to insufficient numbers. I've used this a few times, and it was an excellent service. Cheap, reliable, nice comfy seats, and quick. The planes were mostly empty when I used them, so I did fear then for the future of this service. It is a shame that the service will be withdrawn at the height of summer; with a little more advertising (it wasn't a well-known service) and some tourists, they may have filled the planes. The service is being replaced by LoganAir, which will undoubtedly mean sky-high prices and awful coffee again.

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