Tuesday, 6 June 2006

101 uses for a compost bin

In possibly not the best example of joined-up thinking, the council gave out compost bins last saturday to residents of Stornoway. This is part of a Scottish Executive scheme to encourage recycling. The aim is laudable; the logistics were not. Some advice for next time:

Firstly: do not tell everyone to come and get them at a very narrow time. Especially one that coincides with the Stornoway half-marathon. There's only one event a year in Stornoway that takes up the roads, and that's it. Result: traffic chaos in Stornoway; probably the first time ever the town has been gridlocked.

Second: why not deliver them? Negates the resulting traffic chaos. Let's hope that this year the environmental benefit of all those compost bins outweighs the damage caused by hundreds of cars burning petrol and stuck in gridlock trying to get hold of them.

Third: need. Two or three large compost bins per household? Many folk are crofters, or gardeners with existing compost areas. Offering multiple free, durable, large, outdoor-suitable storage devices to anyone who is passing means that many will not be used for the intended purpose.

Anyway, they are going to have a second go at distribution. Hopefully not on Lewis, but maybe on the other (sometimes forgotten) islands further south. There is life beyond Stornoway...

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  1. The problem arose because it wasn't just for the people of Stornoway - it was for everybody in Lewis!