Sunday, 11 June 2006

Hot and grassy

The heat is considerable, as it was yesterday. Worse, I've returned from my (sweaty) trip to the mainland to find a very overgrown lawn that is very much in need of a cut. SWMBO refuses to cut it as (officially) she cannot figure out how to use the strimmer (aye, right) or (unofficially) it cuts into her Big Brother / The O.C. viewing time.

When Fred built An-Caladh, he put in a weaving shed in the back garden, as well as other features and levels. Which makes our garden interesting; but also torture to mow quickly; too many things to go around. Last year I got away with cutting it just twice. One of our near-neighbours cuts their lawn several times a week, usually starting within 5 minutes of returning from any trip away, much to the amusement of several other residents.

Sod that; I've got a life. Cutting grass is an ultimately pointless activity, like shaving, as it'll just all grow back. Anyway, blogging is a displacement activity from mowing, so had better stop typing and start cutting.

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