Thursday, 29 June 2006

Machair and beaches in Lewis

Another picture from the island of Lewis. Geographically, Lewis the largest of the Outer Hebridean islands, has the bulk of the population, and by far the largest settlement: Stornoway.

Stornoway has a staggeringly large 8,000 inhabitants, and it's a bit of a culture shock visiting there (we say "going up to the city"). Lots of traffic (you have to wait to cross the road), queues in the shops (note: both "queue" and "shop" in plural form there), and too much choice of what to buy. It's not really my kind of place; too built-up and cosmopolitan.



Back to a more quieter scene in the picture (from the Flickr set by Hockadilly). Machair is the unique type of land that you get out here, next to beaches and dunes. Here on Berneray, where the land is crofted (i.e. farmed, but not intensely), there is spectacular machair in the summertime. You can find it on various Hebridean islands, and pretty much all of the way up the west coast of the Outer Hebrides.


During the summer, the machair usually bursts into a riot of different coloured flowers. The picture above is from machair at the north end of Lewis, from the Flickr set by CJCampbell.

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  1. This place is astonishingly beautiful, and one I'm planning to return to again and again. Your project is exactly the sort of thing the blog form does best -- it concentrates on something the writer is passionate and informed about and bring its readers an enormous amount of pleasure. Thank you for that. Best, BL