Tuesday, 20 June 2006

A new purpose for Berneray school building?

Berneray primary school closed about a year ago; the roll had dropped to 5, with no immediate sign of an increase. The parents of the kids themselves were keen for them to move to a larger school and get more social contact.


Since then, various ideas, movements and what-not have been undertaken in order to determine the future use of the school. The two options in the running recently were as a base for historical displays, and as affordable housing. The situation is somewhat fluid.

I propose a third option: a Krispy Kreme doughnut factory and shop.


As the loyal fanbase know, these are not just any old doughnuts. These are Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and people (especially in the US) will travel great distances to get said product. They really do taste exceptionally special.


The end product wouldn't just be for Berneray residents ("local doughnuts for local people") but would attract people from much further afield. Krispy Kreme shops are not always in cities, being increasingly found in more remote locations.


These pictures were taken on a recent trip to Birmingham, where they have a Krispy Kreme doughnut factory and shop in the food hall of Selfridges.

Such a development would:

  • provide local employment

  • attract more visitors to Berneray and the Outer Hebrides (which helps e.g. local accommodation providers)

  • be a new line of local produce

  • create a positive media buzz about the place

  • would put the school building to good use

  • be a local and tourist attraction in its own right



So there you have it. A working use for the building, which is a combined tourist attraction, source of employment and source of local produce for purchase. Perfect.


  1. Dermot Williamson20 June 2006 at 22:49

    A good idea. On Barra you can call in at the Hebridean Toffee Company. Jobs for locals and they post toffee and tablet to all four corners of the world. Very successful and, by all accounts, very tasty!!!

  2. OH MY GOD. Give me the exact location. (Can I actually buy it there?). Those Krispy Kreme looks soooooooooo [insert dianna salivating here].

  3. i agree. i wish they'd bulldoze my old highschool and put in a krispy kreme. i know the students would be more satisfied as krispkremers than as notre-damers.

  4. Tourist attraction - true: I could have watched the little fry/glaze machine all day. (If supplied with doughnuts.)

  5. The Krispy Kreme doughnut craze has hit Melbourne with their grand opening today (we used to have to get visitors flying in from Sydney to bring us a box) .There were about 500 people queued up, many having been there for hours and one sweet-tooth had been there all night so he could be the first. (All this reported on the News Headlines) It is quite bizarre! I must admit the donuts are rather yummy but so sweet that they give me toothache. An idea for your old school - Krispy Kreme up front and a Dental Surgery out back!

  6. hi silversprite.oh man. such a nice location! and the donuts *drools*