Thursday, 1 June 2006

Online shopping: the race (2)

The online shopping race continues. Monday was a bank holiday, so the race effectively started on tuesday. Day three summary.

1)  eBay item. No sign of it; as it is coming from California, not expecting it soon.

2) items. No sign of those and can't track online. The items were despatched on tuesday.

3)  Boots online order. Hmmm. The order was quickly put together and whizzed up to Inverness, where it arrived on Wedneday at 1:36pm. Then, same as last time, there's a number of curious entries e.g. "Unable to deliver: held". This morning at 5:32am, the package was given to a "Third-party carrier". No further updates on the tracking website since then. Maybe it's on the way here, maybe it's going back to the Boots centre; who knows. I have a bad feeling - based on previous Boots online shopping - about this one.

4)  PC. Most impressive so far. The online tracking is very thorough, and we've watched it being built (not literally, of course) and moved from the factory in Ireland, over the sea to Wales, and then to Coventry for sending up north. It left Coventry yesterday (wednesday) afternoon at 4:07pm.

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