Friday, 30 June 2006

Our first Outer Hebrides beach: Barra

Finally found a picture (by ejbaurdo) of our first Outer Hebrides beach:



This is on the Island of Barra; we sailed in, several years ago, on the ferry from Oban. Dumped off our stuff at a B&B in Castlebay, and went for a wander up the western road out of the town. Half an hour later, we find the beach pictured above.

We've been back several times since. There's an astonishingly ugly hotel at one end of the beach (how it got planning permission is beyond me) which has a quirky, but very good, bar restaurant downstairs with great views over the beach.

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  1. Hey there - found your blog via robot jam - I am absolutely soaking up your pictures of beaches! Being married to an expat scot, living in South Africa - I often hear his dad talking wistfully of the 'old country' - although I've been to Edinburgh - I'm dying to go back and see the rest of the country including all the outlying islands etc. Until then - how great that I can check out pictures on your blog :) We are blessed by living next to one of Cape Town's most 'rugged' and 'untouched' beaches called "Noordhoek" it's pretty special - but pales next to these!