Friday, 16 June 2006

Our second beach: Vatersay

The beach at Vatersay was our second beach, and first all-day experience, about six years ago now, of beaches in the Outer Hebrides. Vatersay is a small island at the southern end of the archipelago. Like Berneray, it is connected to a larger island (in this case Barra) by a causeway. Here's a picture from Ann E.'s Flickr set of Scotland pictures:


The island is shaped like an apple core; with two beaches where the bites have been taken out by the apple. This is best illustrated in this picture from Ejbaurdo's photo set:


The first time we went there, I made the assumption that as it was the Outer Hebrides it couldn't be hot. Wrong. I spent the rest of the holiday sunburnt and peeling.

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  1. Hey mate, thanks for the link. These are gorgeous pictures. Next time I'm in Skye, I'll check out the Hebrides, I promise.