Friday, 21 July 2006

Berneray weather: June summary

One of the most common misconceptions about the Outer Hebrides is that it is permanently windy, rainy, cold and so forth. For a little clarity, here's the readings from a weather station about 300 metres from us, summarising June:

  • Average Temperature 12.7C

  • Highest Temperature 20.9C (10th)

  • Lowest temperature 6.3C (25th)

  • Total rain for month 49.4mm

  • Wettest day 17th (11mm)

  • Rain occurred on 20 days

  • Average windspeed 11.6mph

  • Highest windspeed 54mph (20th)

  • Dominant direction SSE

So there you go. Not tropical, but people here don't freeze either. July is set to be hotter, and we've had a few days and one night of what I'd call "mildly unpleasant heat". I think, looking back at diaries from childhood, that's not far off what I experienced then several hundred miles to the south of here.

Of course, if you like the smell of lightly burning flesh, the other option is to go down to the midlands and southern parts of England. 36 degrees centigrade; no thank you.

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