Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Camas na Clibhe, Lewis

Another remote beach from the north west side of Lewis. If your browser can handle Google Maps, then you can pinpoint the location here. Thanks to Ian JC for another one from his collection.


That might be a good place to escape the next heatwave. Even in the Outer Hebrides (which many people assume is permanently wet and cold) it can and does get baking hot. This thursday, as part of Berneray week, I'm off on a trip to the Island of Boreray, which is about four miles to the west of Berneray. The forecast is for light wind (good - a calm sea), but, according to the BBC ... 28 degrees Centigrade.

Urgh; part of the reason I moved here was to escape the hot weather that is slowly turning the rest of the UK into a sahara climate (no coincidence that my favourite holiday destinations are Sweden, Finland and Norway). Looks like it will be a big hat, a flask of iced gin and tonic, and factor 30 suntan for the trip.

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