Friday, 14 July 2006

East beach of Berneray

Here's another one from the Flickr collection by Ian JC:



This is the east beach of Berneray, about a mile and a bit from where we live. Over the sea you can see South Harris.

A question I've had a few times is why I refer to this place as the "Outer Hebrides" instead of the "Western Isles". I use both names interchangably, depending on the situation or context. Personally, Outer Hebrides is my preference as it at least contains some local description (Hebrides), wheras Western Isles is just bland (west of ... what?). The Royal Mail prefer people to use Western Isles, but the post will get here whichever one of the two is used.

The Gaelic name for the islands is Na h-Eileanan an Iar. Most places have a Gaelic name and an English name; the latter is often a derivative of the former.

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