Friday, 7 July 2006

The Heggies: blogging (sometimes) from Lewis

The Heggies live on Lewis, and have a blog. Some great pictures on theirs; SWMBO was a fanatical reader of it, and it partially inspired her to move out here. So we have the Heggies to blame if it all goes wrong.

However, recently they've been blogging less. Here's the reason why in an email from a (probably bleary-eyed David) this morning:

+ + + + +  Hi John... And then there were four ...

Yes indeed, as if we weren't busy enough, Hilary's decided to give birth to our second daughter almost two weeks early. Lovely wee Orlaith came in a flash in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Looks like I'll *never* have time to update the weblog now ......

+ + + + +


The blog is at:

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