Thursday, 27 July 2006

I know this shed…

(If you are taking my blog as a feed, then this may be a repeat posting. Bear with me; think I've figured out what is going on).

It’s about halfway along the Luskentyre road, between the junction with the “main” Tarbert to Leverburgh road and the new graveyard that marks the end of the Luskentyre community. We sheltered by it a few years ago when it started to rain.


The exact location of the shed is highlighted on this Google map mashup. I haven’t been to Luskentyre for nearly two years now, something I’ll be amending in September on my (shudder) 38th birthday.

Thanks to Flickr user Ofarrnba for the picture.

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  1. soo cool and beautiful, unique place, i thought a lonesome place like this one. still a virgin site for a touristers.