Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Nudists, clegs and Google

One of the things I like about Wordpress (the blogging system I use) is the data you can look at regarding how many people viewed entries on your blog, and how they got there. It's not too detailed (which is good, so you can't get lost in it), and is calculated to the minute.

The most entertaining data is that of the "Search Engine Terms". This shows the phrases that people put into e.g. Google and Technorati to bring up a load of results, one of which (an entry on this blog), the searcher decided to check out. Below is the last seven days of search engine terms for my blog.

I think what this shows is that biting insects, and pictures of naked people, are especially popular with the Internet crowd. Some of these must have come away disappointed; for example, whoever was searching for 'Hot Koreans in tight jeans'...


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  1. Damn, another disappointed traveller. These were my search terms:"koreans in tight jeans"You might as well put a few Korean women in tight jeans up for good measure.