Friday, 28 July 2006

Tràigh Bostadh and the detail of satellite pictures

Here's a picture of Tràigh Bostadh, a beach on the north west coast of Lewis. In the middle foreground is a restored iron age or Norse hut. Thanks to Flickr user Ian JC for the picture.

On the Flickr page for this picture, Ian JC also includes a link to the relevant Google map, highlighting where the picture was taken from.

Though I've played with it for many hours, I am still stunned by Google Maps and Google Earth. Follow the aforementioned link, and make the map as detailed as you can (the notch on the detail scale needs to be one from the top or "+"). Have a look around. See the outlines of old buildings? Now go to the beach and look at the sea - you can see individual waves - hundreds of them.

Which makes me wonder - just how much detail is being captured in each picture. It must be a huge, huge amount. And this by a camera that is not nearby, but hundreds of miles away. Head-spinning stuff.

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  1. just now stumbled across your blog and love the pictures! And am also always amazed how detailed some areas are on google earth. (in my head I'm planning next years vacation to Scotland ;))