Sunday, 13 August 2006

Back to Harris

About a month ago, we had a half-day over in South Harris. It's easy to get to; the ferry terminal is a mile from our house, and there's a bus waiting on the other side to whisk people off to the desired beach. In our case, we got off at the Seallam centre and wandered west, past various cows:



The first beach we came to was Traigh na Cleabhaig. The west end of this, as you can see, is a bit rocky, but the bulk of the beach is clean and (at low tide) quite expansive:



This was okay I suppose; good views. But then five other people turned up, as you can drive right up to the beach. Am not used to "sharing" a beach with other people, so we moved on to the next one. 

This turned out to be one of my favourite beaches in the Outer Hebrides. It's about a mile or so beyond the end of the village of Northton. It was a hot, sunny day when we visited, and was an uncanny reminder of a few deserted Greek islands I'd visited some years back.


There's several such beaches, sheltering under the somewhat steep hill before Toe Head. Each is individually pretty, clean, white sand and deserted. It was kind of odd, sitting on one of them and seeing that the main view is of Berneray, the island I live on.

Here's the view sitting on the beach on the right, looking towards Pabbay:


These pictures from my Flickr set from that day out.

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