Thursday, 31 August 2006

"Flowers" on Vatersay

One of the downsides of most online search systems is that incorrectly spelt text can get "lost" i.e. it doesn't get picked up by people who search using the correct spelling. Some services get around this by enabling you to search on "near same" spellings of keywords. Unfortunately, Flickr doesn't (yet), which is why the picture below originally passed me by; it's been tagged and named with the wrong spelling for Vatersay.


The picture is of some, ahem, "flowers" growing on the machair close to the white-sand east beach in the centre of the island. It is actually of a dangerous weed called Ragwort, which is toxic to certain types of animals.

This is one of a great collection of pictures by Flickr user Viche.

Thankfully, in Flickr, there are many alternative routes to getting to pictures. "Pools" and "groups" are two ways in which pictures on a related theme from several different photographers can be connected, thus making serendipity a frequent event when browsing.

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