Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Our first trip to Vatersay

Three pictures I've recently unearthed from our first trip to Vatersay; now, quite a few years ago. It was quite a scorching May day, and we both ended up a bit sunburnt. We walked from Castlebay on Barra with various supplies, over the causeway, and on the road that winds around the coast of Vatersay (there's also a regular bus service). Views of promisiong beaches soon open up around bends in the road:


This is the eastern one of the two beaches in the middle of Vatersay. Being more sheltered, it doesn't have the Atlantic waves crashing in of it's westerly neighbour. However, it also means that it's quieter, and the water is a bit warmer (or, not as chilling):


Vatersay is also a pleasant island to walk round; the hills aren't particularly steep or high, and from most points there are beach views. Here's the same beach, taken looking back along the clockwise coastal walk:


All pictures by me.

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