Sunday, 6 August 2006

Outer Hebrides sunsets

Yay! Another bonus of living out here are the frequent great sunsets over the sea. Wherever you live in the Outer Hebrides you are never more than a few miles from the sea, and rarely more than that from a beach. So sunrises and sunsets over the sea are easy to observe. Very useful for that "let's have a barbeque" moment.


That particular picture is taken from Bhaltos beach on Lewis, by Kirstie Anderson. Picture taken on June 5th 2006. The one below is a sunset taken from the west beach of Berneray; it's currently the header on this blog. Picture taken by Wolfgang Bergius.


Here's one from Flickr user Saint.Tobias, of a sunset in the Uists:


Here's one from Barra, taken by redshift27:


...and two from Ness at the top of Lewis, by James Morrison:



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