Saturday, 19 August 2006

Silversprite is away...

What feels like the end of summer is here; I'm off on a short trip. Thus, no blogging for a bit ... but I'll be back.


By the time I get back, it really will feel like Autumn. The island kids are already back at school (early starts for the parents), the nights are rapidly drawing in, and we've had to light the peat fire on a few occasions of late. SWMBO has started muttering about "Christmas shopping", a few of the locals are muttering about "the first winter gale soon", the peas have been harvested, and the ferry timetable is gradually winding down to the winter timetable.  

On the plus side, it won't be long now until we start getting displays of the northern lights. Also, as the tourist season (which lasts all of six weeks here) is at an end, there'll be no more waiting for terrified people to figure out passing-place etiquette when on the roads. Or, road. Or, track. The winter bus and plane timetables will be kicking in soon which oddly I've found more convenient than the summer ones for getting around and getting to the mainland.

I've now blogged every day - sometimes several times a day - for the last 88 days. It's been a fun experiment, and I've learnt more than I need to know about blogging and all things related. It's also got me more wired into net culture. I've followed the rebirth of Rocketboom, watched YouTube go from niche to mainstream, and watched a plane land on Barra beach and an Asian girl take a picture a day for three years on the same; seen the blogosphere double in size, digg-ed, been dugg(!), played with just about every Web 2.0 application going (scary how many of them have disappeared in that 88 days), contributed to Wikipedia, followed the online rise of Snakes on a plane, added to my Flickr account, got into Second Life (an online multiplayer game with an emphasis on social networking), found that lots of other people were blogging about the Outer Hebrides, been on BBC national radio to talk about working online from here, and watched as the profile of these islands gradually increased online.   

I hope your summer was enjoyable, and your autumn and winter are pleasant too.

The picture of the sprig of seaweed on the beach at Berneray is by Rob Wakefield.


  1. Sharon MacKinnon25 August 2006 at 06:11

    So I found this blog searching for info for my husband - a MacKinnon from Boisdale, Cape Breton - and lo and behold - there was info on Pabbay, an illegal distillery and the MacKinnons. I would like to travel and visit but was wondering - where are all the children? We have a 4 1/2 year old son and I wonder - while he's very good at play and loves the outdoors - would there be some kids anywhere for him to play with? And of course the mosquitoes and flies - sounds like Cape Breton...Thanks for a beautiful blog.

  2. As a couple newly retired public servants from the States we are looking forward to a week on N. Uist in late October. While I've been enjoying my time on the computer researching our trip, I've yet to come across any "must sees". Ideas? We have taken a place in Locheport for the week.Thanks in advance for the help.

  3. George. "Must sees": the beaches (North Uist has some crackers on the north and west side). Various museums and Gaelic centres. Checkout local notices for events happening (especially Ceilidhs - proper local traditional music and dancing). Birdie place on the west coast of North Uist. Ask around for boat trips to unoccupied islands (Donald runs some out of the harbour in Berneray). Best of all; forget the planning, and just wander around and chill out.Sharon. Mosquitoes no. Flies not many at this time of year. The midges are around (a bit late this year), but not too bad. Also one gust of breeze and they're gone.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Will plan on chilling.Geo

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