Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Tangasdale Beach, Barra

For the next four days, pictures on this blog will be of beaches in Barra and Vatersay. Pictures seem to be loading a little slowly of late; this is due to the speed of Flickr, where they are stored. Just hang in there.

Tangasdale beach on Barra; I've mentioned this one, but have just come across this particular picture, taken near sunset. It's a great beach with a large dune area and the odd bench; ideal for picnic-ing.

Off one side, and in this picture, is a spectacularly ugly hotel (lots of concrete - how on earth it got planning permission is beyond me). However, it does have a good place to eat inside for non-residents, with views over this beach and towards the sunsets; it also has a good bar for those who don't fancy the two mile walk into Castlebay.


Picture by Redshift27.

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