Thursday, 17 August 2006

West coast of Barra

One of the reasons I like Barra is that it is shaped like a saucepan. The handle-bit is where my favourite beaches are - see tomorrows pictures. However, there are also good ones around the rest of the coast. Conveniently, the main road hugs the coast, making it easy to reach dunes such as these:


There's plenty of dunes on the various beaches and coves on the west coast of Barra. Even on good weather days, the waves can be a bit rough; always struck me as a good place for braver surfers to visit:


Me, I prefer to find a nice bit of beach, unscrew a flask of something alcoholic and laze around for a while. According to the news recently, the warmer weather has meant an increase in sharks and other beasties moving this far north, so that may provide more entertainment when watching people attempting to surf.


All pictures by me.

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