Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Grescleit beach

A picture of a remote beach on Harris, at Grescleit. This picture is taken from Huisinis (several variations in spelling), a community on Harris that sits at the end of a very long, dead end road. The scenery around there is pretty spectacular, at any time of the year.


Picture by Flickr user Peter Allen.

Sunday, 17 September 2006

Doh! A deer…

One of the things you rarely see when sitting on the beach at e.g. Blackpool is deer. Unless its a plastic lit-up deer as part of Blackpool illuminations.

Here, when you are strolling along a beach, keep an eye on any nearby hillsides. On a good day, you get to see something like this:


Picture by Flickr user Maclomhair.

Friday, 15 September 2006

Sahara sun and a lot of sand

...but a wee bit further north than the deserts of Africa. A picture from Flickr user Paddimir, taken on his recent trip to Barra and Vatersay. I'd say you'd need to slap on some factor 95 with a sun like that...


It's worth looking at the whole set of 176 pictures; there's not a duff or boring one in there. Here's a few more:




Thursday, 14 September 2006

The cove at Garenin

A pleasant picture of this Lewis beach, from Flickr user Platform 3:


Tomorrow I am 38, which is worryingly close to 40. Heck, what happened to my thirties? :-(

So, am doing what I've done on birthdays from 31 through to 37, and am off to a beach. West coast of Harris; if the weather is good and the midges aren't swarming (today they are pretty bad), am hoping for some pictures of various sandy beaches.

Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Two more of the east beach

A picture of someone strolling along the east beach of Berneray, by Flickr user atomicjeep:


...and one by Rob Wakefield of a group of people practising Tai Chi on the same beach, closer to the Youth Hostel. As you do.:


Monday, 11 September 2006

Machair on Berneray

A picture of the machair when in flower, heading towards part of the west beach:


Picture by Flickr user hazelisles, a frequent (and chatty) visitor to Berneray.

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Two beaches on Harris

Two pictures of beaches from Flickr user litrate, with no clear identifying tags. Here's the first one, which I suspect is Horgabost (or near to there) on the west coast of Harris, as that's Luskentyre over the water:


This next one, hmmm not sure but think it is a few miles to the south. It looks like the one the bus stops at (if running ahead of schedule) for a few minutes to allow people to have a quick stroll on the beach. (Not quite the bus service you get on the mainland):


Anyone out there want to clarify which beaches these are?

Saturday, 9 September 2006

Coves of Vatersay

The main beaches on Vatersay, in the middle of the "apple core" shape of the island, have been much featured on here before. However, there are various coves and inlets with bits of sand on the north shore of the island, off the "main" road:


As on Hebridean islands further north, usually the only sign of people are the occasional passing fishing boat, and the odd tractor in the distance. Picture by Flickr user redshift27.

Friday, 8 September 2006

South Uist beach in the evening

Spent some of today trying to follow the controversy surrounding Facebook. As usual, the mind wandered and I started to wade through Flickr, noticing the large numbers of Outer Hebrides pictures that have gone up recently. It's worth trying various place names through the search facilities to see what'll turn up.

One of the things I stumbled across was the photo collection by Doggled. He or she appears to have taken a family biking holiday out here a few years ago; consequently, there's lots of pictures of cyclists on tracks, beaches, avoiding sheep etc. Here's one of the beach shots, this one taken on a South Uist beach (no ID for which beach - ideas anyone?):



Thursday, 7 September 2006

A shed and a beach

Eriskay is a likeable island. It's the last one on the chain of islands connected by causeways that starts with Berneray to the north, it taking a good few hours to get to the other end of the chain. The community is quite lively; they have a very well-stocked community store, games hall, and various other facilities put together and maintained by the hard work of many locals.

Two views of the same brightly-coloured shed, and beach, on the island:



Cheers to Flickr user howbeg for those.

"I bet it's always windy there"

That's probably the most frequent observation from mainlanders (who haven't been here) about the Outer Hebrides. If some folk want to literally bet, then am up for it. Be warned though; evidence such as this picture:


...of high tide near Northton in Harris will mean you lose. Picture by Flickr user Maclomhair; the larger version makes for a heck of a good background/wallpaper on the PC.

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Sunset over Pabbay

A picture taken from the north end of Berneray. The island over the stretch of water is Pabbay, described previously on this blog.


Picture by Flickr user radarsmum67, who has a good set of pictures of her recent cycling trip through the Outer Hebrides.

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

"I can see my house from here"

Amidst the extreme contrast, this is a picture of Borve Hill and Backhill on Berneray from Flickr user Rob Wakefield:



My hoose is the one on the extreme left. Looking at the largest version of this picture reminds me that I must slap a coat of paint over the ugly grey at some point.

Monday, 4 September 2006

Beach close up

A view of a Berneray beach, taken from a couple of inches above the sand:


Thanks to Flickr user atomicjeep for that one.

Saturday, 2 September 2006

Back to Berneray…


Have just finished unpacking and re-adjusted to life back on Berneray after the trip away. I forgot how damned quiet it is here; zero traffic or crowd noise, and the constant sound of waves on the shore. When the cricket match I'm following online has finished, am off to said shore for some R&R.

The Netherlands were good to visit; it's a likeable country. Public transport is superb and absurdly cheap compared to the UK; little more than 10 pounds for a train ticket to go from Amsterdam across the country to Tilburg. On a plush, uncrowded, punctual, train. Food and drink were also very cheap. Amsterdam am not sure about; the core centre within a mile of the main train station seemed depressingly tacky. However, once outside that, it was good to amble around streets, bridges, canals and bars. Especially the bars. I have a weakness for strong Belgium beers.

Above is a picture of the west beach of Berneray from Flickr user Rob Wakefield. Think it must have been taken in winter, as the sun is pretty low in the sky to the south. Here on Berneray, the days are rapidly getting shorter; sunrise is today at 6:32am and sunset at 8:24pm. It's dark by half past nine in the evenings, whereas only a few weeks ago I could read the newspaper outside at midnight.