Saturday, 2 September 2006

Back to Berneray…


Have just finished unpacking and re-adjusted to life back on Berneray after the trip away. I forgot how damned quiet it is here; zero traffic or crowd noise, and the constant sound of waves on the shore. When the cricket match I'm following online has finished, am off to said shore for some R&R.

The Netherlands were good to visit; it's a likeable country. Public transport is superb and absurdly cheap compared to the UK; little more than 10 pounds for a train ticket to go from Amsterdam across the country to Tilburg. On a plush, uncrowded, punctual, train. Food and drink were also very cheap. Amsterdam am not sure about; the core centre within a mile of the main train station seemed depressingly tacky. However, once outside that, it was good to amble around streets, bridges, canals and bars. Especially the bars. I have a weakness for strong Belgium beers.

Above is a picture of the west beach of Berneray from Flickr user Rob Wakefield. Think it must have been taken in winter, as the sun is pretty low in the sky to the south. Here on Berneray, the days are rapidly getting shorter; sunrise is today at 6:32am and sunset at 8:24pm. It's dark by half past nine in the evenings, whereas only a few weeks ago I could read the newspaper outside at midnight.

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