Friday, 8 September 2006

South Uist beach in the evening

Spent some of today trying to follow the controversy surrounding Facebook. As usual, the mind wandered and I started to wade through Flickr, noticing the large numbers of Outer Hebrides pictures that have gone up recently. It's worth trying various place names through the search facilities to see what'll turn up.

One of the things I stumbled across was the photo collection by Doggled. He or she appears to have taken a family biking holiday out here a few years ago; consequently, there's lots of pictures of cyclists on tracks, beaches, avoiding sheep etc. Here's one of the beach shots, this one taken on a South Uist beach (no ID for which beach - ideas anyone?):



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  1. Hi, the south Uist beach picture is probably of Howmore. There is a good basic gatliff trust thatched hostel here to stay in. And beautiful beaches, church, old monastic site with ruins, and mountains.Cheers, Julie