Sunday, 10 September 2006

Two beaches on Harris

Two pictures of beaches from Flickr user litrate, with no clear identifying tags. Here's the first one, which I suspect is Horgabost (or near to there) on the west coast of Harris, as that's Luskentyre over the water:


This next one, hmmm not sure but think it is a few miles to the south. It looks like the one the bus stops at (if running ahead of schedule) for a few minutes to allow people to have a quick stroll on the beach. (Not quite the bus service you get on the mainland):


Anyone out there want to clarify which beaches these are?


  1. Although only a visitor from afar, I am sure that the lower photo is Horgabost (or more correctly Traigh Niosaboist) looking due east from the foot of the headland of Aird Niosaboist. The dunes on the right are where many people camp in the summer.The top photo is not Horgabost as there is no green 'island' on the beach there, as my own photos show, so I suspect that it is the beach at Seilobost. Happy to be corrected by someone more local!

  2. The lower photo is 'definitely' Traigh Iar (otherwise known as Horgabost West Beach) taken from beside the A859 at NG038965, looking north. If you look at the large size image on Flickr and zoom in on the hill at the far end of the beach you can see the standing stone called Clach Mhicleoid.Silversprite - 1Les - 0The upper photo is tricky. Pretty sure it's not Seilobost though - the angle to the mountains beyond rules that out. Uisgneaval Mor should not be visible from even the south end of Seilobost. Everything about the angles in the view over Luskentyre points to it being Traigh Niosabost. (2-0) But I don't recognise the green island can't be certain.

  3. Blimey. John, you've got good eyes to spot Clach Mhicleoid on even the largest photo! Took me a while to see it even though you told me it was there. You are absolutely right on this one.On the upper photo, if the steep sided mountain in the centre is Sron Scourst (as I believe) then the only straight line from there that passes entirely over the sea ends up at Traigh Niosaboist so that's where it must be. I have dozens of photos taken on that beach but none have the 'green island' which is a puzzle. Guess the only answer is to have another holiday up there. Shucks!

  4. Les - Yes, it is Sron Scourst. Your conclusion is exactly the same as mine and, spookily, you get there by exactly the same logic.Maybe not as spooky as the green island though. I've got no photo of it in my selection taken on Niosaboist either...