Monday, 30 October 2006

Solas (or Sollas)

This is about 10 miles from here on North Uist, and I'm usually there once a week to do a shop at the Co-op (door to door cheap bus service). There's not many houses there, and when I'm waiting outside the shop for the return bus, there are some good views of rolling fields and distant beaches.

Here's four pictures of some of the beaches there from a recent trip by Flickr user radarsmum67:






  1. hi - thanks for putting your link into my blog comments. I am a huge fan of your part of the world and your photos are very evocative and soothing to me. We've never stopped at Berneray. We stayed in the Outer Hebrides three times, the first time we cycled from the bottom of South Uist as far north as Callanish, so I guess we cycled near by your! One especially notices the wind when you're on a bike! The other times we had a car and based ourselves in Harris.I hope I get over my cancer and be back up there next Spring.

  2. ps - how did you chance across my site and its minor ref to Outer Hebrides?

  3. These photos are wonderful, how beguiling island life seems, I am quite envious!

  4. Ah, it looks like there is a person in the first picture, which gives one an idea of how huge the beach is! Thanks so much-I've become a big fan!