Saturday, 28 October 2006

Winter arrives...

...rain every day for the last few days now heralds the beginning of winter. Here's the Lewis forecast:


Ah well. That superb long run of weather, stretching pretty much from May through to mid-October, looks like it's at an end.

In addition, tomorrow night the clocks go back. This'll bring on the shock of it being dark by dinner time, and for many people dark at breakfast as well. Spare a thought for the schoolkids on the island who have the hour-long trip down to the big school in Benbecula every day; for a few months of the year, they leave before sunrise and return after sunset.

On the plus side; no need to water the vegetable patches for the forseeable future. And the other big plus is when the skies are clear, there's lots of opportunity for star gazing (I make a point of looking for the International Space Station every few weeks) and looking at the northern lights.

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