Thursday, 2 November 2006

The beach at Cnip

Here's one on Flickr from Stevie the B of the beach at Cnip on Lewis:


Cnip is one of the many communities in the Outer Hebrides which contain graves of vikings. If you do a Google search, you'll get various reports and news stories of digs and findings.

Norse/Viking and other historical happenings of that period don't get much of a look-in out here; there was a letter in the Gazette a few weeks ago from a Norwegian puzzling over the lack of local official interest in Viking heritage. He had a point; it may be because of the funding set-up here, where Viking history is well down any notional list of priorities.


  1. Hi, I don't even know how I got to your website; but it's beautiful! I was looking at a Simpleology email, trying to find a website mentioned and then I found some articles about a blogging business and started to investigate that. I live in Connecticut, USA run a sailing program, but now it is "off-season". I'm working on a sailing-related project that I hope will be done by the Spring but probably won't pay me until then, so I'm thinking about different ways to get some income going that don't take much time or energy away from what I'm spending my time on now (if that makes sense). Meanwhile, I enjoyed looking at your photos and wanted to let you know. I love the water and it's so interesting to see different bodies of water than what I'm used to looking at around here. If you ever want to see some of my sailing program photos (not as professional as yours!) just let me know! Thanks again! Hilary

  2. ...just beautiful!

  3. Well, THIS descendant of vikings is looking at those beaches with an appraising eye!!!:chuckle: