Sunday, 26 November 2006

Big waves on a bigger beach

This morning was warm, considering it is near the end of November. And yet again, the weather forecast was spectacularly wrong. Quite a while ago, I came to the conclusion that the weather forecasters (and the BBC is notorious for this) have a default "permanent rain and cloud" symbol for the Outer Hebrides, which is only very occasionally and reluctantly changed. Consequently, I regularly get emails from concerned mainlanders a la "You must have suffered in all those storms over the last few days", when my suffering has usually been restricted to sunburn (I burn very easily, and therefore rarely travel south of Cambuslang).

Anyway, this morning was taken up with a pleasant stroll across the machair to the west beach. The waves crashing on which I could hear from the housie, over a mile (and the other side of a hill) away.



Unfortunately my rubbish photography skills do not show up the size of the waves in these pictures. You'll have to take it from me, in non-fisherman "it were this huge" way, that they were, indeed, large. The surprising thing is that it was a perfectly still day. Not a breath of wind, and not a cloud in the sky. But, to quote George in the best comedy series ever made, "The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli."



It's also rare to see surfers out here on Berneray, as they tend to prefer the wilder coasts of Lewis, or the flat shores of Tiree to the Uists and Berneray. The temperature of the water also varies substantially, from "Not tropical, but not bad" to "I've lost all sense of feeling in all my limbs".



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  1. Hello Silversprite, your beach photos are really beautiful. The clarity of them is amazing. Do you mind telling me what kind of camera you use to get this clarity - or is it mostly just the quality of the light in the Western Isles?