Thursday, 9 November 2006

Night and Day and Sea

Three pictures from the superb Flickr Outer Hebrides group pool. First, a sheiling in the evening light by Wiesmier. These buildings are often surprisingly comfortable inside, though it can be noisy when hard rain falls on a metal roof:


Next, a picture of the Callanish stones by Levelfather. These are a decent bus ride away on Lewis, but are worth the trip. If you go, don't restrict yourself to the main circle; there are several others within a mile. Oh, and the better tearoom is not the official one, but the one on the other side of the main circle (decent cake, too):


And finally a picture of a beach on the west coast of Harris (more because I haven't put many Outer Hebrides beach pictures up of late). This one from Shooderz:



  1. Sadly the Blackhouse Tearoom appears to have now closed down (see were there in June 2005 and had a long chat with the owner who was bemoaning the lack of custom - we were the only ones there - and saying that he couldn't survive if business didn't pick up. It must be near impossible to make a living in the Outer Hebrides if you can't get enough custom right next to one of the major tourist attractions.A few days later we went to the 'offical' tearoom at the Visitor Centre and it was packed out, although they refused to serve us as it was 15 minutes before closing time! Why is it that people flock to 'offical' establishments and ignore the cheaper and better alternatives? Just lack of imagination in these days where everyone has to be spoon fed?I'm sad that it has gone as we would certainly have called in again when we were next up there, but I guess that our pot of tea and piece of cake every couple of years doesn't stretch too far!

  2. Hi.Could you please provide me with a contact number;as i will like to have more info on this posted Beach.Will be waiting to read from you ASAP.Thanks

  3. ...I'm coming back to your site more & more often. The pics are just staggering. Thanks for posting them.J