Thursday, 16 November 2006

Two from each end

Trawling Flickr, looking for pictures of the Outer Hebrides, is a particularly pleasant activity. Do it for an hour or so and there's an irresistable urge to get on the next passing bus and go to a few of these places. I must get better organised this coming year. Here's two pictures each of Barra in the south, and Lewis in the north.

Here's Halaman Bay in Barra, picture by Paddimir:


Also in Barra, here's Stoung Mor. This picture is by Viche (a librarian, which is cool), who noted that here she "watched dolphins jump and play in the water":


Now zipping up to Lewis (possible on the same day if you time the two ferry connections right), we have a picture of the Callanish Stones by Schemie Radge:


And finally, a "light sabre" picture from the excellent Bluewave (every picture of his is superb) of a crofter and his sheep:


By the way, feel free to pass on the webbie address of this blog ( to anyone you think may be interested in pictures of the Outer Hebrides.


  1. Great photgraphs

  2. Excellent photos.Please, tell me more about these Callanish stones. Why are they there? What is their purpose? Who put them there? When did they put them there?Cheers,Doctor Bulldog