Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Shed and taxi

A picture we recognised, as being part of the estate of some near-neighbours of ours. The picture is by Flickr user WynWhite and was taken in September:


They currently "have the builders in", who are doing a very impressive new extension (to avoid confusion: the green building in the picture is not said extension). The builders are slightly behind schedule (well, that's the reason we've been given for a lack of reciprocal luncheon event) though it all looks gleaming and finished to us.

As you can see from this picture, rust is a big problem out here, so ongoing maintenance can be pricier than on the mainland. Not surprising, as on Berneray, you are never more than half a mile from the sea. It's not just the larger-than-normal volume of rain, but also the salty sea spray that can get in anywhere.

The taxi isn't in use as a mode of transport anymore, alas.

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