Saturday, 2 December 2006

Traigh Mhor, Barra

Translates directly as "Beach big". And indeed it is; in the distance is where the plane lands at low tide. Pictures from Niall Corbet:


Take a left and you end up at the airport, which has an excellent little cafe where you can nibble away at chocolate cake. Take a right and you can follow the road to the circular Barra road, or peel off to the left and head towards the ferry that crosses over to Eriskay. Here's a picture of a plane coming in to land at the airport:


Speaking from experience, the person on the right may shortly regret standing there as they get a face full of sand, blasted up from the force of the propellors when the plane trundles up to Terminal erm One. And here's a textbook landing:



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  2. rhn Nordwind (Secondlife name)4 December 2006 at 06:58

    Hello,You beach looks like a most marvellous place/heaven. It certainly does not look like the "end of the world," it rather looks like the beginning of the world.I am also a librarian (work in Imperial Beach, California--the southwest-most city in the US mainland).Greetings,rhn Nordwind