Thursday, 11 January 2007

Calm before the storm

See my previous posting of less than 7 hours ago.

Just now, I've been out to bring in the rest of the washing off the line. To discover that it wasn't there - a gust of wind had ripped off the duvet cover (held on with 6 pegs). Ah well, I never liked it anyway.

While looking for it with the torch, I got flattened by a gust of wind. Storm on the way. And yes, the Met Office forecast for here says for tonight:

Southerly winds will increase to gale force 8 to storm force 10, perhaps violent storm force 11, veering westerly overnight.

Never a dull moment here :-)

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  1. staggered across your blog, goodness knows how, via other blogs. Drawn by a love of Hebridian islands and have discovered some of the lovliest photos of the Hebrides that I have seen in a long time. Happy New Year.regardsJoy