Saturday, 20 January 2007

Nearby Lochmaddy

Lochmaddy, in North Uist, is 10 miles away by road. That makes it the nearest "town" to Berneray.

Lochmaddy is a major ferry port for the Outer Hebrides, but is perhaps not as bustling with amenities as you'd think. There are various hotels and guest houses, plus a museum (containing the post office and a very good cafe), a gift shop, a small food/newspaper/hardware shop and a bank. That's pretty much it. Though unlike Balivanich in Benbecula, there are at least places in Lochmaddy where you can get a decent cup of coffee.

Here's some pictures from Flickr contributers. First up, some fishing boats (there's also a boat-building yard there) from Jaydee:


A picture by Lightboxuk of the late, lamented chip van that sometimes (erratically) would make the visit to Berneray:


Finally, Auldhippo brings us a seaplane dropping in from central Scotland (arriving in style):


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