Wednesday, 28 February 2007

More Outer Hebrides sunsets...

Eye-catching and spectacular sunsets frequently happen in the Outer Hebrides, all year round. To the extent that I've seen more cracking ones in two and a quarter years of living here than in my previous 36 years elsewhere. Here's a few local sunsets from various Flickr photographers.

First, a pleasant rural one from a clear day in South Uist, by Shuggy Spicer:


Next up, another one from the same photographer, taken in South Uist last September:


Next up, one from Niall Corbet, of a sunset and pink rainbow in Lewis. I'd never seen a pink rainbow before moving here, but those and double rainbows are not uncommon here:


Another one from Niall, this time of a Gearrannan sunset:


Next, from Watscape Photo, a picture of Tarbert (the metropolis of Harris), taken looking back and westerly at the town from a departing boat:


And finally, one from Saint.Tobias of a sunset over Canna:


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  1. I always get such a lift when I visit your blog and check out the beautiful photos. I panicked when I saw that the old Wordpress link I had was broken. Fortunately, I found you again on Google.