Saturday, 3 February 2007

Three from Shooderz

Three pictures of these parts from Flickr user Shooderz. First up, some waves crashing on a Harris beach:


Next, a calmer sea further up the coast in Lewis:


Finally, back to Berneray. Local beach for local people :-)



  1. Silversprite:I am a huge fan of photography and the sea - surfer, windsurfer, diver, etc. I love coming to your site just to look at the sheer beauty of your islands and dream. I hope to visit one day.Tom O'BChicago

  2. hello silversprite, am referring back to your post on 'popular music from vittula' -i tried to get it here (scotland)& they said it has not been distributed by any UK publishers, only available in USA, did you get yours on amazon? guess i should look there, i rarely use it so thought i'd ask you first! my finnish friend says it's been a big hit in scandinavia, & your description of it really makes me want to read it!.